A private and confidential meeting that is about 15 minutes, in French or English (Arabic or Spanish on demand), with AGIR support team who will help assess your current situation and your immediate needs as an LGBTQ+ migrant Montreal; provide you with useful information on site or via a follow-up email.

Twice a month

First come, first served

By Phone call during Covid-19

AGIR's Office

New Members Registration


Support Groups

The General group is open to all. Closed groups are recently introduced to provide a safer space to connect and share. Specific themes of interest are announced in advance.

Once a month

Via Zoom during Covid-19

Announced in Newsletters


Lesbian & Queer women

Trans & Non-Binary people

Queer Youth


Individual Accompaniment

When LGBTQ migrants accessing AGIR services face increased vulnerabilities (e.g. language barriers, mental health difficulties, disability, risk of temporary status loss), our volunteers and employees can offer a support service as needed to promote their access to services as well as their progress within the immigration process.


Social Activities

Over the years, AGIR has organised summer picnics, board-game nights, karaoke, workshops, Xmas Party, etc. to provide a venue for our members to connect and have fun!

Organizational Training

This program is designed for community organizations and other groups that provide services to LGBTQ+ migrants. It aims to:

  • Revisit the terminology associated with sexual orientation, gender identity and expression as terms evolve and can be the result of a specific cultural context.
  • Examine the relationship between colonization and the current criminalization around the world
  • Explore the realities and the isues affecting LGBTQ migrants and refugees living in Montréal
  • Discuss inclusion and anti oppressive practices in community organizations

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Advocacy Campaign

AGIR defends the rights and interests of LGBTQ+ migrants through organizing non-partisan awareness campaigns, notably the Trans-migrant Campaign. In addition, as a member of the Canadian Council for Refugees (CCR), our participation allows us to contribute to the development of more inclusive social policies that fight poverty and promote integration.

Montréal, Québec, H2L 2Y4



Numéro d'entreprise du Québec (NEQ): 1167481457

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Services update

In response to COViD-19, AGIR has made some temporary changes to our services. We recognise that this is a challenging time, and we are committed to remain available to you to the best of our abilities. Our support services are now delivered by phone and online, with our office closed till further notice. 🌈

Mise-à-jour des services

En réponse à la COViD-19, AGIR a apporté des modifications temporaires à ses services. Nous reconnaissons que ce sera une période éprouvante, et nous nous engageons à demeurer disponibles pour vous au meilleur de nos capacités. Nos services de soutien sont maintenant offerts par téléphone et en ligne, notre bureau étant fermé jusqu'à nouvel ordre. 🌈